Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a wild ride of a year for everyone. There’s no way around it…it’s just the fact of the matter at this point. However, 2020 has been particularly difficult for one specific group…BRIDES. As if planning a wedding in any other year isn’t stressful, let’s slap on a global pandemic, an election year & general worldwide panic- just for fun! Push the wedding back a year? Wedding now, reception next year? Throw it in Mom & Dad’s backyard with just the bridal party and your family? Maybe no bridal party? Maybe just the parents? Just scrap it all and elope on a mountain in the middle of nowhere?? The back and forth of this year has been enough to make anyone’s head spin!

We at Gilson’s have been so lucky through the hustle and bustle of 2020 to keep a consistent customer base- because even if the wedding turns into a backyard elopement, people still deserve a gift to celebrate their momentous occasion! We’ve been shipping gifts to couples across the country as well as locally, with the intention of bringing a smile to the faces of the well-deserving future bride and groom. Our website has flourished through this time of increased online browsing- I mean, who isn’t just scrolling the internet for hours to distract themselves from the stress of the world these days? 

The biggest win for GilsonsEngraving.com through 2020, though, has most certainly been our newly formed…..*drumroll please*…. BRIDAL REGISTRY! This is something we’ve had our eye on and intentions set for quite a while, so the satisfaction to see it really happen is incredible. We are so thrilled to offer brides the option of registering with us for all their favorite personalized gifts! Guests can simply visit our website to purchase the items chosen by the bride and groom, along with their pre-selected engraving! Easy as pie!

This is such an exciting addition to our already fantastic assortment of offerings- we could not be happier! The process of setting up the registry is as simple as giving us a call or stopping by to get the wheels turning. Our Store Buyer and Lead Retailer, Laura, is happy to discuss options and recommend our most popular items to add!

There’s no time like the present to get moving on your bridal registry- check that one off your list by coming to Gilson’s!